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"Onchiq" is a brand offering a collection of elegant clothing items in small series for women who seek out for the boutique and unique element which one cannot find anywhere else.

The clothes respect those who wear them, honor them with generosity of quality fabric, clean patterns and nonchalant femininity.

The main elements of every design in the collections are chic and comfort required for accompanying a women during her busy day, either to the office, to the gallery, to business meetings or to a date or party requires an evening gown. 


Liron Horwitz


Liron is 40 y/o, married happily to Guy and a mother to Ethan, Rotem and Luna.

She lives and breathes design, fashion and art ever since she was born.

She graduated in 2005 from the fashion department of the academy of arts and design "Bezal'eL" in Jerusalem, Israel.

Liron Designed for several fashion and shoes companies and accompanies many women as a stylist and by changing their perspective of the oversize feminine body, with empowering and accepting themselves thanks to her designs.

She believes in breaking the existing conventions in our society regarding the mid-level sizes and in her opinion a cloth should be chosen without making a big deal out of its size - it should empower, glorify and accept its wearer loveingly.

Her influences are rooted in the classic tailoring world, haute couture sewing meeting rockabily motives and sometimes bohemian and loosed ones.


"For me working with real curvy women is some kind of a victory of the aesthetics over any rule and unwritten law. This by understanding that a woman is the beauty itself just by being a woman.

The cloth - no matter which size it is - just encourages and glorifies what is already within her."






Tel: +972-54-8050665

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